How the Farm-to-Table Movement Is Helping Grow the Economy

As the summer sun glints off a pyramid of scarlet-and-yellow Rainier cherries, at least one customer can’t contain himself. “I know I can’t buy yet, but can I sample?” he asks. It’s Wednesday afternoon in July in Seattle’s Columbia City neighborhood, and the weekly farmers market–one of 40 in King County alone, up from nine […]

Operating A Business Incubator – Seven Ingredients for Success

A business incubator cannot simply be another rental property. The Canastota Business Center incubator went from mediocrity to success in a couple of years. At the start, it was questionable as to whether the incubator could support itself without subsidies. Three years later, the facility had undergone $30,000 of improvements, had a list of people […]

Benchmark your Business Incubator’s Practices

Several business incubators environmental impact reduction programs are discussed and useful links are given. Do you want a green facility? This incubator’s construction (main facility, if more than one) is based on an energy-efficient design. Do you want to save money and reduce environmental impacts? This incubator has identified facility investments and process changes that […]