Exploring Arizona’s Economy

Arizona’s Gross Regional Product (GRP) in 2008 was nearly $251 billion, with more than 3.3 million employed at an average pay of $41,795. AZ_GRPThe largest economic sector in Arizona is Service representing the majority of all jobs at nearly 1.8 million people and an average pay of approximately $34,000.

Gross Regional Product and employment activity in Arizona varies tremendously by county. In many rural counties the largest employer is Government, which includes local, state, federal, and public education jobs. For instance in Apache County, Government employment accounts for 56 percent of the jobs in the county.AZ_EmpClass

By clicking on Arizona’s counties in the map below, you are able to explore key economic metrics. Analyzing the industry sector mix shows that the largest sector does not always generate the greatest monetary output or the highest paying sector.

A couple of highlights include:

  • The 5 counties with the highest GRP include Maricopa, Pima, Yuma, Pinal and Yavapai. The GRP of the top five GRP counties makes up 91% of Arizona’s total output in dollars.

  • Maricopa County has the highest GRP at $182 billion; however Greenlee County has the highest GRP per capita at approximately $144,000 per capita, which is more than three times higher than Maricopa’s.


Click on the map below to explore the Economic Metrics of each Arizona County


Pima Santa Cruz Cochise Pinal Graham Yuma La Paz Maricopa Gila Yavapai Greenlee Mohave Coconino Navajo Apache

Apache County apache apache_pie

Cochise Countycochise cochise_pie

Coconino Countycoconino coconino_pie

Gila Countygila gila_pie

Graham Countygraham graham_pie

Greenlee Countygreenlee greenlee_pie

La Paz Countyla-paz la-paz_pie

Maricopa Countymaricopa maricopa_pie

Mohave Countymohave mohave_pie

Pima Countypima pima_pie

Pinal Countypinal pinal_pie

Santa Cruz Countysanta-cruz santa-cruz_pie

Yavapai Countyyavapai yavapai_pie

Yuma Countyyuma yuma_pie